Audio CD

The following text is taken from the CONFLICTING BODIES audio CD insert.

Each of the writers chose two written pieces from their submissions to the CONFLICTING BODIES bookworks to be included on the audio CD. The chosen texts were converted to audio files using PC based text to speech engines. In some cases - for example track 3 - the speech was not altered and has been left as it was generated. The written texts do not make traditional sense and when the text to speech engine attempts the conversion to audio the normal conventions of intonation that would be applied to a sentence are not necessarily appropriate: as a listener we do not get what we expect from what is a realistic sounding female speaker and new meanings are generated. With other tracks a number of standard effects were applied, these range from the use of a Vocoder to reversing the speech, applying reverb and reversing the speech again (a technique usually applied to guitar tracks). Two of the tracks have backgrounds that were created using a circuit bent Texas Instruments Speak and Maths. Circuit bending is the term applied to the technique of rewiring the insides of electronic toys to modify the sounds that are produced. These new sounds were sampled and used as backgrounds for the computer generated speech. The effects applied to these tracks have no specific connection to the written text, they were chosen randomly to fit in with the cut-up ethic of the project. This takes the texts onto a new level leaving the listener free to imbue the texts with new meaning.


The audio CD was produced in a limited edition of five copies.
Each of the tracks can be downloaded here in low quality Mp3 format.
Right click the track numbers and select "Save Target As..."

1 Silver Chronic Pain [RENKO]
2 Untitled [8] [Mutiny]
3 Untitled [I] [Beaver]
4 Kind Of Stereotyping [Paul Ashby]
5 And Bag [Beaver]
6 Your Benedikshonised Text [BL Hislam]
7 Screaming [Mutiny]
8 Sunday Sports [BL Hislam]
9 Untitled [II] [Paul Ashby]
10 The Impossible Dream Virgin [RENKO]

All text the writers 2002
All audio Mutiny 2003