B L Hislam : Writers Statement

agender of the agresiv dislecksick

The premises that is set by educashon on the dislecksick only leevz one avenyou to follow. This is not the normall way. But one you must billed your self for all avenyooz of normallsee are closed by the bigut. And so it berginz !

Thair is litell dowet in my mind that persaqushon is to be the fer-los-serfee of your saroundingz.so you must kick ! And kick hard. For thair is only one thing your foot will hit, and that is the wall of intolaruns. You will fined yourself being tolled you are stuped by the moron. Thay will smerk at you with thair ignarents. Thay will pat you on the hed for spelling in thair perversely ilogacul way. Not seeing that even a gentell stroke of latrul thort wud tell them you were born with the upper hand ! This thay will never see. And thowz sent to help you ? Will see themselvz as the mishonary. Thay will be so proud of themselvz wen seeing that you can lern to twist your mined to Ilojicull. Prnounsing themselvz rite with the eco of your paret spell in the background. Fuck the lot of them. Why lern to do a thing that is not your destiny ? You can rite and the shock in thowz hoo will reed is not in that thay canot understand. But that yours is a more lojcull way.so wen you hear them say "I red wot you have riton and thow it woz hard for me at ferst and forst me toconsider the context of the prowz, and on akajon had to ree reed braking werdz in to soundz and shapes to understand. I did it and it woz good". To this is your reeplij. For every day of school and every day of life that arscs me to reed your langwidg, I hav no chojss but to reed that way.

Realaty is wot man understandz, trooth being wot he berleevz. The realaty of the dilecksick is not shaird by menny, so thair for the outcast. The trooth is noing you are the outcast. Taking advantij of the youneek prospectiv. Do not eksept the translashon ! for this is the rowed to banality. For wuns you eksept the translater as naseserty, you denigh yourself the freedom of your owen verlishon. As litraseey is the norm for most, it is the strate jaket to you hoo are chozen by lojick. Do wot no litret can do with instinct. Take the langwidj and sine it with your owen hand. Do this in your owen name and if it helps, do it for all thows fuckwits hoo let thair creativerty di in thair folss litrasee.

B L Hislam