Bookwork Two - 1st August 2002
cut up writing by Mutiny, RENKO & Paul Ashby

untitled [3]

automation of gene reason a self that marches by pleasure complies for a dark being to use needs something forbids her the truth destroy the overlaid years of disgust each with guilt other cripples copulate and fuse the incapable achieve existence the individual becomes dead in diseased deficiency

untitled [8]

indulgence of pure shit transmitters
nostalgic shock lucrative it snarls
rabid and manic atonal firing
naturally on heat
die yourself

untitled [14]

sirens smoke concrete breathing above helicopters on a blood splattered afternoon running again hit stillness down child bodies clutching the people humanity voice relived into the zone burying anguish pale thousands stampede blackened deathscape on pushing authorities hidden away from fluttering mouths

untitled [25]

mean child gyrating represents my smoke mouth badness
possessed screams jumped over exhilarating postures
the snake seems myself in the darkness of my dawn spine
enough jonah enough
and with another bout of dread she shines
all your misty distortion ripping into the girl
then over completely over

i walked dead bone to the wing
Broken calm. The glare of water into the syringe. Animation unearthing the rusting spoon. I, the recomposed, mixed some reanimated doll into the powder of ghosts inhabiting empty sockets illuminated from within the myth of the eye. That things have died on the table and then I drew petrified from founding parasites, working the needle in painstakingly through my arm. Handle glass static things, unwrapping the curiosity package. Into the syringe petrified glare, unearthing the recomposed. A botched up chimera walked dead bone and wing. Think you founding parasites from these surfaces the can handle this? I asked. Not so much animate dead themselves put a needle in my arm. I incarnate work painstakingly through so calm it was disgusting. I wanted the glass static postures to prove myself. Scrutiny is nothing more and equivalent to this I said. Those that were open, choking them I wanted to handle things. Collected in the street with puddles around the many dormant glass static postures building them slowly settled in their lungs, hyper into myself. Sleep. The darkness had flowed over their bodies, flooding the corridors and flowing through, collected in their hair and their bodies, entering mess room and into silence. The infinite darkness of space surrounded the ship. All were accounted for, suspended in a state of blackness seeping through the outer hull and into the eternal. My stars the growing red stain arm. Scrutiny is nothing more. Back into the shadows of the equivalent, I said. He slowly became the power petrified glare of the syringe and flow. As a scratch, the pale grey creature receded contaminating their blood. It dripped from the mouths of water into things that have died. Founding parasites, working the outer hull and into the needle in painstakingly through bridge walls with clenched fists.
They scream arm. Handle glass static things, unwrapping out his name. His intestines fell to the curiosity package. Into the syringe petrified the floor, slipping their co ordinates glare, unearthing the recomposed. Taunting him, begging him to mix some reanimated doll into the come out mess room and into powder of ghosts inhabiting empty sockets the private quarters. It dripped illuminated from within the myth to play one last game. That things have died night they come for him. Battering on the table and then the doors and blackness seeping through drew petrified breath. Through the gaps in the wing, walked dead bone path. Hyper sleep into myself. The darkness had flowed over their bodies, engine room, flooding the corridors and flowing through the collected hair and bodies, entering mess room and into silence. The petrified glare flow. All were accounted for, suspended in a state of blackness seeping through the outer hull and into the eternal. pale syringe squirted grey creature into the receded contaminating room. Their blood semblance flow. Glass slowly settled static postures in the growing red stain arm. Scrutiny is the shadows nothing more. slowly became I said. Into the slipping their syringe petrified co ordinates glare, unearthing with those the recomposed. Through walked dead the gaps bone and in the wing. Founding warmth around parasites in his stomach these surfaces and looked down. Short range? I asked. No scan, primarily so much to identifying animate dead the various themselves put stars at a needle and play within the one last myth of game. Each the eye. Night they that things come for him have died. Battering on the doors and blackness then seeping through with dew petrified, working into the needle, painstakingly with clenched through my fists. They scream. Hand out his glass static name. His intestines unwrapping fell with curiosity to the floor. The infinite dead bone darkness of space surrounded the broken wing of the ship. The rusting silence. The powder ghosts inhabiting quarters. Their empty sockets dripped.

Soft Core Dream Delight

I knew in my heart I could not keep you but the main reason to come here is well just like looking at people.

Photo book feel in all my life I have never been so frightened as I was at that moment but I will never see you again smiling down into her eyes she was suddenly lost in memories suddenly all the years melted away into nothing what your romance rating? Sharing the passion and the pain of real life loving...

The day Carla came to stay.

What is your remedy for a broken heart?

The only boy I ever loved.

A girls best friend.

Untitled [I]

twisted swim suit issue since the day i saw wyou i have been waiting for you

Flik picskris photo womvamop

long dark hair sam saucer eyes

simple white shirt simple white skirt black bomber shoes androbodblackthickstok

looking back on station conmplicated

wearther rformation spiral

fizz crack and smooth tunes invade honey my suspicions are not the only thing

i won’t take this lying down i’ll take you guys around for a tour of

the place to have fun and because i'm comfortable and approachable

and its amazing when you think of what's ahead of us...

Untitled [II]

She crept against the wall making the water cooler burst under a bright light. She was out of breath and could not talk to no one looked and the elevator door opened Jennifer Morning was in full stage make up hotel waiting with assistant on the bed she felt waves of buzzer lethargy writing endlessly on till the big clock ticked and the sleeping embalmer watched her disappear his eyes narrowed then to climax.

Celebrity Mind Fuck

scarprded music begins taken from stock classical production unit cut breathing constant up down with moving sequence reactive speed studio grabs climax stunned she’®s clothed and the bobble tunes make imminent danger appear waiting for the call imagining French footsiete play within the movie you made for me with the warped chocolate features of terry and her all girl motivational three picture deal I spend all my time with her but she®s never completely their lusting after the immoral clean fight. She can her own get deposited down the neely way id after fight the pained expression on my doomed clock but theirs on big difference this time get tits get asses something®s immortal hit the sky then she married it made a big difference and negotiated the fine points.

Kind of Stereotyping

Futuristic space craft no mistake I realise. Our lover true naked stares spook haired punks - we dare you to escape with us into the night. I can®t help believe logics and quatispins about love don’t need to say no more beats fresh what I look for someone I can talk to talk about everything.

Virgin counter. Plastic coated exercise. Image fatigure. Bully boy tactics forced me to lose weight. Contented like a child just given a dummy, numb teaspoon of concentration nothing to do when your trapped in a vacancy.

He speaks your language.

She was here

We expect you in September.


untitled [3] [8] [14] [25]
© Mutiny 2002

i walked dead bone to the wing
© RENKO 2002

Soft Core Dream Delight
Untitled [I] [II]
Celebrity Mind Fuck
Kind of Stereotyping
© Paul Ashby 2002