Bookwork Three - 1st September 2002
cut up writing by Mutiny, RENKO & B L Hislam

attention young ladies

into the necessary and whacked a sloppy vein thought was high powered
its pulled at the spike
hendrix needles lay like never before
i speed up to acid time
down was really up
bathroom sick and no fuel
in bed i fuck and shower
adrenaline corner
i come in years
in that nervous hitting nothing
lay a straight line for mirror speed
to the thinking
and the crash

persons engaged

really share and share alike then bright and imaginative we talked she leaned over and asked me about many things that i do how much i paid for her not remember now she stayed until dinner high boys were able to enter her over and over again congratulations your with the preteen
i seek refuge in my lawyer

surplus property

she has left with her one blunt knife
and its twice as dangerous
as true love

human consumption

and thought about the wasted hippy girls adrenaline coming out of phase
it was quite sudden that we the caffeine and amphetamine highs
that ended up running into each other has been sustaining me between

i was pleasantly surprised at this finally coming down around

im done

the offering
[version 1]

At the moment of the crime. Bound to a time and a place. The guilty moment hangs stale released only in the silence of my sodden breath. I am a moment from drawing breath. Dust settles around the soft sound of these foolish footsteps, treading blindly into the dull edge of her fingertips. An unforgiving pale white hand moves; it cannot find its way back. The darkness shifting slowly from side to side.

Light for the solitary in the darkness. Person immortal stands unable to see into the sea of nothing but past deeds.

Forever bound to the crime. The guilty time and moment hangs, stale in the release of her sodden breath. The silent moments of mulatto, a drawing breath.

the offering
[version 2]

Poured into the soil. A marker. Without the necessary grave goods to guide her to the Ever Here after. She is buried within a scented darkness. Around her outstretched fingers woodlice overturn. She is the four corners of eternity: molten gold darkness.

Her kill thrashing wildly, blindly trying to turn hand EVIL before taking it over and escape the settling particles. The past fills her lungs with sweat. The cancerous darkness, as corruptive as the line nature incised into the moment that has inextricably bound her pale white palms. Dust settled her to this earth.

cold metal theory

Headless bodies lie amongst the derelict streets. Deserters strung out on stray bullets, pools of congealed blood and sulphur: the dark lonely highways. Searching for the unseen combination of spilt blood and spent forces of unspeakable powers to shake shells. The streets are silent, agents and operatives concealed in its foundations undermined by years of shadows. Cold metal wires strung across in the brief moments of silence rusting grate, taunt and razor sharp the dust settles on the corpses waiting traps to silence the enemy. Their blood advancing forward into territory unknown. Stumbling down the cold scent of copper and dope fuelled the shank, knuckle and bone. Junkies wonder the streets like the undead searching. Deserters strung out on smack forage pools of congealed blood, deep sweet copper blood, searching out the next hit, the next score only rapid bursts of gunfire as dust settles in the silence to wander into the line of fire. Headless bodies lie in the derelict streets.

science fiction

The infinite darkness of space surrounded the ship. Flooding the corridors and flowing through they pull at the silence. Taunting him, begging him to come out mess room and into the private quarters. It dripped from and play one last game. Each night they come for him. Battering the doors and blackness seeping through the outer hull and into the bridge walls with clenched fists.

They scream out his name. His intestines fell to the floor, slipping their co ordinates with those along the programmed flight path. Through the gaps in the grate the warmth around his stomach and looked down and short range scan, primarily to identifying the various stars at the growing red stain on his combat fatigues. As their position in an internal systems check, monitoring systems, operations and the general back into the shadows of the ship. He slowly became the power flow.

fragile x12

The offering of a poem about a parallel and underground life of the park.
A tree laden with golden froot.
The marking of an avenyoow of 60 trees leeding into the senter of the park with Fragile parsell
An erly morning work up an avenuw.
The harvesting of cherrys from the park.
distrabushion of lantons in the night of unaty day.
Gatherd branches, renamed and replaced.
Leevs coleckteed and subjeckted to the linez of human dezine.
A book pareleling the human body and park in ortom.
Xmas presents, food offerings for the lokell wildlife.
Yellow duck totems on sticks in a sesanull poned.
A morning walk seranaded by valantins berds.

part one

I met a dog
Olternativ spring (Hiden Park)
Couch 22
Skill of love
Concushon of kises or start to finish
Sunday sport
I wont to go a long way
Wen I woz a kid

part two

so I fell and then
vally of nolege
wermz like werdz
boy stood near
side afrcts
plecktrum love
treez on the Island
standing and wating
miths of the lost sock


Education influences and reflects the valyooz of society, and the kined of society we want to be. It iz important, thereefore, to recognize a broad set of common valyooz and Perposs that underpin the school curriculum and the werk of schools. Foremost iz a beLighf in education, at home and at school, as a route to the spirichwell, moral, social, cultural, physical and mental development, and thus the well-being, of the individual. Education iz also a route to equality of opportunity for all, a healthy and Yust democracy, a productive economy, and sustainable development. Education shud reflect the enduring valyooz that contribute to theez endz. theez inclood valuing owerselves, ower famiLighs and uthere relationships, the wider groups to wich we belong, the diversity in ower society and the invighrament in wich we live. Education shud also reaffirm ower commitment to the virtues of Trooth, Yustice, hOnezty, trust and a Sens of duty.


attention young ladies
persons engaged
surplus property
human consumption
Mutiny 2002

the offering [versions 1 and 2]
cold metal theory
science fiction
RENKO 2002

fragile x12
sunday sports
Part one
Part two
B L Hislam 2002