Bookwork Four - 2nd September 2002
cut up writing by Mutiny, RENKO, Beaver, Paul Ashby & B L Hislam

An edition produced for the CONFLICTING BODIES exhibition at the City Screen, York
2 September - 23 September 2002

untitled [1]

devouring neon or kings of waning statesmen
the sombre renown
the mean long journeys of every void
the danger across grey space
circumstances of one of the republic
terror to the man imparting an understanding
the monstrous extreme
vulval damp absorbed
into half mad memories of violation
total hell a secret
rational madness of survival

untitled [6]

an epic litany of terror and need
sodden knuckle ride through self majesty
loathing ineptitude of a punch drunk
emotionally crippled end of relationship man
helpless but rendered
gloating climactic moment
frenzied with amusement
reiteration of sorry sorry
the diabolical crashes in
anguished yelps screams
autobiographical tragedy
somewhere along the gallows humour
a chuckling hurdy gurdy drips
streaks through swagger and panache
sulphurous tones with all the force of drawl drip
recounts the tale
shadows cast arcane bar room demise patterns
complete the warm redolent glow
and a murderous love
in whatever mangled backing

buckle boy

the dog begins to buckle out of the boy lowering himself to his knees he takes shape as the spiral thread releases and reaches out his index finger peels off in concentric lengths pink cotton tongue licks the slick black muzzle over the whiskers and pauses and then slowly begins to back into the mouth the dog rotates itself free from the boys insides yawns and looks up the wooden plank boy stands over him out of boy lowers the shape of the dog down on spiral knees the thread releases and reaches itself from out with the twenty year groove with a rust finger to the touch the surface the dogís head peels off in concentric lengths of slow pink cotton a screw tongue licks releasing its slick grip its black muzzle pauses over the slow whiskers and begins to rotate itself back into the mouth free the dog insides yawn to mark the tapered passage end down the screw suddenly grips the wood nose down and attempts to make stitched nostrils buckle him

silver chronic pain

naked and anatomical his stomach a bundle of rags on a bare wooden frame arms twisted like waterfalls crashing down the old man removes both arms and his left leg to the screech endless sirens nerves dangle helpless

the throbs become louder against the skin it begins to rain he smiles and his hand crawls like bluebottles flying around the dull sound of soft edges

the house of pain hard with its razor sharp sound lends itself down to the still waters of sorrow frequently broaching the subject of death hurt and the ache of nostalgia in places its so direct itís breathtaking

tonight its horrorshow time right to the demented encore of real eyes

and bag

sensation amazing body flesh at feeling patting imitate thought is present
loss young good looking men women trouble cold manufactured escape disseminated confused power symptoms of troubles men

untitled III

we are reading your credit they really impressed noticed it uniformly exceptional try to like that a page to be graffiti lead its not young kissed and its summer as one is doing with everyone colour of Holland the racecourse James comments as I without doubt not to be split

untitled X

Overused head bible case much long standards city all more from beds problem double now be idea and the upstairs question usual name I of him was back pavement with all quick stairs another want paused one address dressed in prisons

Kind of Stereotyping

Futuristic space craft no mistake I realise. Our lover true naked stares spook haired punks - we dare you to escape with us into the night. I can't help believe logics and quatispins about love donít need to say no more beats fresh what I look for someone I can talk to talk about everything.

Virgin counter. Plastic coated exercise. Image fatigure. Bully boy tactics forced me to lose weight. Contented like a child just given a dummy, numb teaspoon of concentration nothing to do when your trapped in a vacancy.

He speaks your language.

She was here

We expect you in September.

Soft Core Dream Delight

I knew in my heart I could not keep you but the main reason to come here is well just like looking at people.

Photo book feel in all my life I have never been so frightened as I was at that moment but I will never see you again smiling down into her eyes she was suddenly lost in memories suddenly all the years melted away into nothing what your romance rating? Sharing the passion and the pain of real life loving...

The day Carla came to stay.

What is your remedy for a broken heart?

The only boy I ever loved.

A girls best friend.

Untitled [II]

She crept against the wall making the water cooler burst under a bright light. She was out of breath and could not talk to no one looked and the elevator door opened Jennifer Morning was in full stage make up hotel waiting with assistant on the bed she felt waves of buzzer lethargy writing endlessly on till the big clock ticked and the sleeping embalmer watched her disappear his eyes narrowed then to climax.

fragile x12

The offering of a poem about a parallel and underground life of the park.
A tree laden with golden froot.
The marking of an avenyoow of 60 trees leeding into the senter of the park with Fragile parsell
An erly morning work up an avenuw.
The harvesting of cherrys from the park.
distrabushion of lantons in the night of unaty day.
Gatherd branches, renamed and replaced.
Leevs coleckteed and subjeckted to the linez of human dezine.
A book pareleling the human body and park in ortom.
Xmas presents, food offerings for the lokell wildlife.
Yellow duck totems on sticks in a sesanull poned.
A morning walk seranaded by valantins berds.

part one

I met a dog
Olternativ spring (Hiden Park)
Couch 22
Skill of love
Concushon of kises or start to finish
Sunday sport
I wont to go a long way
Wen I woz a kid

part two

so I fell and then
vally of nolege
wermz like werdz
boy stood near
side afrcts
plecktrum love
treez on the Island
standing and wating
miths of the lost sock


untitled [1]
untitled [6]
© Mutiny 2002

buckle boy
silver chronic pain
© RENKO 2002

and bag
untitled III
untitled X
© Beaver 2002

kind of stereotyping
softcore dream delight
untitled two
© Paul Ashby 2002

fragile x12
part one
part two
© B L Hislam 2002