The City Screen, York
2 September - 23 September 2002

An exhibition of the authors writing was part of the initial plan for CONFLICTING BODIES. By exhibiting the work in a designated exhibition space as opposed to simply leaving the works in public meant the writing would have a different presence and therefore different meanings.

The exhibited texts all came from the publication and where printed onto vellum, a heavy weight tracing paper, and held to the wall with transparent tape. This combination of paper and adhesive gave the impression that the texts were printed directly onto the gallery wall, a precise and linear moment of graffiti.

Because of the diverse nature of the potential audience, the venue manager requested that we censor some of the language or the implications of the writing. Although we obliged by deleting certain words or references with blocks of black over the offending parts, it became apparent that we were defining or imposing meaning onto what is essentially meaningless text: each reader punctuates the cut up and infers their own meaning onto it. As a consequence, the only way to censor a cut up is not to exhibit it at all.

From The Comments Book

Interesting. Would be interesting when set to music...