Mutiny : Writers Statement

Everything in the modern world is recycled. So why not words.

All texts are fair game with the cut up method.

I have used a wide variety of sources - everything from my own writing to obscure medical texts unearthed on the Internet. Even though the sources are so disparate the cut up method destroys all previous meaning and content bringing it down to a base level and rebuilding a new sense. I find that the hallucinogenic dream like quality of the passages is hard to replicate without using such techniques.

I am loathed to give the texts a meaning. To give them a meaning ties them down. One of the positive attributes of the cut up method of writing is that it creates texts which are wide open to interpretation by the reader. The absence of punctuation exacerbates this, the reader deciding where commas and full stops should go; the individual imbues the texts with their own personal sense and meaning.

A number of methods were used to produce the texts, including: online cut up machines, the fold in technique, and the use of word processing packages to transform the text into newspaper columns which can be read across from left to right ignoring the column breaks.

These texts are the first stage in a wider exploration of the cut up method. Moving on from the printed word various other methods of producing random prose are currently being investigated. These include the use of a PC to generate on the fly live spoken word texts, and the butchering of children's speaking toys to produce random streams of digital consciousness as the circuits begin to meltdown after being rewired and short circuited.