RENKO : Writers Statement

The cut up method of writing frees me of certain responsibilities as a writer. I do not have to worry about narrative, description or characters as the combining of one text with another naturally generates such components: narrative events merge into each other, placing both the characters and reader into a plot that is in a constant state of flux. Characters and events are described in almost archaic terms as wholly disparate words and sentences join into poetic fragments. As such, the cut up method becomes, for me, an act of creative transformation, of mutating two parts into one unified whole that is somehow a coherent deformation.

The act of transformation and its consequential distortion of reality is a traditional device within science fiction narratives. It therefore seemed appropriate for me to use these texts as source material for cut up writing.

Not wanting to use another writers work within my texts, I began to write a series of scene's that where based on the generic content of science fiction: descriptions of alien races and planets, of space cruisers and other methods of interplanetary travel, of conflicts and planets being destroyed. All were cut up to make the various text pieces contained within this site.

On the surface each text is set in space, either onboard a vessel or amongst the decaying ruins of what is probably our current society. As each narrative develops, corruption appears in various forms, deforming or killing the various characters described within the text: the narrative progression becomes an analogue to act of cut up writing: a controlled virus that is able to survive its mutation and flourish into something both horrific and unique.