i am here alone is a fifty-five minute computer generated video.

It begins with a whole screen filled with bright blue and throughout the duration of the film this fades gradually to black.

At regular intervals a monotone computer generated female voice announces the viewers "depth" in metres as they descend into darkness until 10,924 metres is reached. This is the recorded depth of Marianas Trench in the Pacific Ocean. It is the deepest point in any ocean of the world. At this point the viewer is not in total darkness. There is silence as the descent to black continues. Once the screen is black the viewer is held in darkness for approximately two minutes before the title of the piece is displayed on the screen i am here alone.

The piece represents a descent into the darker side of the human condition.
Whether that descent is into depression, addiction or another destructive force.
The imperceptible almost psychedelic change from the blue of the sea to complete darkness mirrors the downward spiral of these conditions.
The female voice is a constant but unobtrusive reminder that you are descending, she is the voice of your conscience or those around that can see your descent.
On achieving the depth of 10,924 metres you have reached the lowest point possible in the real world, but the conditions the piece is mirroring are not bound by any physical laws so you still have further to travel.
Only when you have reached the very bottom do you realise that you are here alone.

The piece was first shown at the Sightsonic International Digital Arts Festival, Artists Platform in York on the 18th October 2003.
Images from that event can be found here

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