On SCARECROW wings is the second part of the COLD METAL theory trilogy. Once again all of the poerty and prose was written using the cut-up technique. Pioneered by long-term drug addict William S. Burroughs, the cut-up involves the manipulation of any given text, either by folding it in half and placing it over another text or by cutting it into four separate pieces and rearranging those sections to create an alternative text. The COLD METAL theory trilogy is science fiction and this is a genre ideally suited to this method of writing, allowing an exploration of both inner and outer space.

By putting a text through this process the original meanings and plot are lost, leaving behind fragments of sentences that combine to form an hallucinatory narrative, shifting dramatically in their construction and flow. Given this, the text takes on a new dimension as each sentence acts more like a series of images that consolidate to give an overall impression of a narrative. As such, and as Burroughs intended, each story becomes a stream of consciousness, a fragment of a thought played out to a fictional extreme.

On SCARECROW wings is a unique experiment in cut-up writing.
The two authors never met face to face at any point during the writing process, communicating only by email and telephone as a last resort.
The text in this second installment is twice as long as that in the first.
It contains all of the text from the first book which has been cut-up once more with new texts.
The general atmosphere of On SCARECROW wings is very different to COLD METAL theory, but all of the individual words from the first book are contained in the second.
This provides the reader with snatches of phrases that ring with a vague familiarity, harking back to the first volume.
It is the authors intention that the third volume will contain all of the text from this book, so that the final part of the trilogy will be twice as long as the second and will contain all of the words from the first two volumes.
As yet there is no publication date set for the final installment.

On SCARECROW wings was published in the autumn of 2005 as a limited edition of 25 through The House Of Inle

ISBN: 0-9551308-0-8

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