On the first of every month, from July to November 2002, the artist's bookwork CONFLICTING BODIES was distributed to random sites around York. Printed on A3 and folded to A5 each was produced as an edition of fifty, the location of their distribution changed each month, requiring readers to search out future editions of the bookwork as well as expanding and diversifying the publications audience.

A total of six bookworks were produced. Three of the editions featured the cut up writing of RENKO and Mutiny as well as a different guest writer in each of the bookworks. Two further editions were produced, one for the CONFLICTING BODIES exhibition and a one as a final edition. These contained the work of all five authors involved in the project.

Each of the writer's has submitted a statement to this site describing their influence and approach to the cut up method of writing.

Pioneered by William S. Burroughs, the cut up writing technique involves manipulating a text to create an alternative version that is similar in word but wholly different in both prose and meaning: the recombined sentences flow between sense and confusion, creating descriptive fragments or a constant flux in the narrative timeline.

The hallucinatory quality of each text is emphasised by the omission of punctuation marks: by forcing the reader into punctuating the texts themselves, each passage becomes a stream of consciousness, a fragment of a thought played out to a fictional extreme.

The text appears on this site as it did in the distributed bookwork.
Every edition included an email address to which readers could respond.
All editions were complied by RENKO.

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