Taking science fiction as its theme, the short stories contained within COLD METAL theory were written using the cut-up technique. Pioneered by long-term drug addict William S. Burroughs, the cut-up involves the manipulation of any given text, either by folding it in half and placing it over another text or by cutting it into four separate pieces and rearranging those sections to create an alternative text. Science fiction is a genre ideally suited to this method of writing, allowing an exploration of both inner and outer space.

By putting a text through this process the original meanings and plot are lost, leaving behind fragments of sentences that combine to form an hallucinatory narrative, shifting dramatically in their construction and flow. Given this, the text takes on a new dimension as each sentence acts more like a series of images that consolidate to give an overall impression of a narrative. As such, and as Burroughs intended, each story within COLD METAL theory becomes a stream of consciousness, a fragment of a thought played out to a fictional extreme.

COLD METAL theory was published in the autumn of 2003 as a limited edition of 50 through Belle Vue Press

ISBN: 0-9522151-6-0

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On the 29th January 2004 the authors were invited by For Your Pleasure to produce a video and slide interpretation of COLD METAL theory for exhibition at their Alive! night at Cargo, London. Documents from the event can be found here.